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By using the Console Repair London Ltd repair service, the customer agrees to all of the following terms and conditions:
All our repairs come with our 12 month guarantee. This starts on the date that is printed on your receipt and finishes 12 months later. After this date Console Repair London Ltd accepts no liability for the console. Once the repair has been completed, we will attach our own warranty sticker. If this sticker is removed, tampered with, and/or the console has been opened up or tampered with in any way, the guarantee is invalid. The guarantee does not cover accidental damage or damage caused by misuse. We reserve the right to determine the cause of the fault. Consoles repaired under our guarantee do not have their guarantee time period reset or extended. The original guarantee time period continues until finished. The guarantee only covers the same fault that was repaired by Console Repair London Ltd. If the symptoms are found to be caused by a different fault, the customer will be contacted to agree the additional repair charges. We reserve the right to determine the cause of the fault. When multiple repairs have been carried out on the same console, and one fault reoccurs within the guarantee period, and repair of that fault is not possible, only the cost of that fault will be refunded.
Console Repair London Ltd aims to provide the best possible repair service to all of our customers. We reserve the right to deem any game console beyond repair. This includes consoles that may be repairable, but where the costs involved would make the repair uneconomical. If additional faults are found with a console that have not been reported by the customer, and the customer does not wish to have these additional faults repaired, the customer is still liable for the original repair costs. Please be aware that it is possible symptoms may worsen whilst investigating the fault. If this happens, and the console cannot be repaired or the customer decides they do not want the console repaired, Console Repair London Ltd accepts no responsibility for this eventuality. In some cases, the fault may cause data that is stored on the console to become corrupted. These cases are rare, but if possible back-up your data before sending us the console. Console Repair London Ltd accepts no liability for lost data. Any manufacturer warranty will be void after our inspection and/or repair. This still applies if we are unable to repair the console. We accept no liability for damages to consoles or loss of consoles that happen because of circumstances outside of our control. This includes break-ins, natural disasters and fires.
If you would like to have your repair done the same day, additional charges will apply. The vast majority of consoles can be repaired within 90 minutes, however there are rare cases where this isn't possible. In these cases the console will need to be left with us for a length of time agreed upon with the customer. Payment for the repair is required upon collection of the console from our premises. Console Repair London Ltd reserves the right to withhold your console until payment is received. If we have not received payment after 6 weeks from the date of repair, we are authorised to dispose of your console or use it as we see fit. This includes consoles which have been deemed beyond repair by our engineers and consoles that have been returned under guarantee but have faults that are not covered.
Our no fix no fee policy applies to all consoles. We will not request payment if your console has not been repaired. The only exception to this is if the console has other faults that the customer has not reported to us. If the customer does not wish to pay the extra charges to have the additional faults repaired, they are still liable for the original repair costs.



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For the vast majority of repairs, our standard service is next day! You can bring the console in anytime during the opening hours and it will be repaired and ready for collection the following day. We also offer a 90 minute repair service for an additional fee (first come first serve).


We give a 12 month guarantee on all repairs! We also offer FREE inspection and if we can't fix your console, there is no charge at all!

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